Walt Disney World Part 3...

Alright you guys these are the last of my pics. Matt and I were able to go to Hollywood Studios one day. This park has my all time favorite ride "The Tower of Terror"! It is such a cool experience. The ride begins by waiting in line in an old historical haunted hotel. While in the lobby you watch a clip from the "Twilight Zone", in which a family takes an elevator ride up to their room. While they are in the elevator, lightning hits and they plunge to the bottom. Now it's your turn to enter the old broken down elevator. You are on your way up and then the bottom falls out and you free fall. (Awesome!)

This is a picture taken at the entrance of Hollywood Studios on Main Street.

My husband and I stayed at this resort called "Port Orleans French Quarter". It is suppose to resemble New Orleans. We absolutely loved it.

We planned a couple of cool things to do while we were in Disney besides the theme/water parks. We decided to join a group of people on a Segway tour of the Disney campgrounds. Our two instructors were so funny. Matt and I were the youngest of our group by about 30 years. Alright don't laugh, we had to wear the following gear in order to operate the Segways! These off-road suckers can be dangerous. They go a speedy 6 miles an hour!

One of our favorite memories is when we went to see "The Spirit of Aloha" show at the Polynesian Resort. It was a show that consisted of various Polynesian dances and all the food you could eat. We were stuffed by the end of the night after having pineapple, salad, rolls, ribs, barbecue chicken, fried rice and a volcano dessert. We also had these tropical drinks in monkey carved coconuts!

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LOL! @ Ya'll on the segues!!! And I love the pic of you two adorned with the lai's! (You're SO pretty!!!)

Hubba Hubba Mr. Island Men!!! lol...

Ok... got some cases to read, then it's bed time! Thanks so much for sharing these!