Christmas in April?

Hey all! I have had this christmas paper in my stash for a while now and wanted to do something with it. I found this paper with vintage Christmas ornaments on it at a local craft store a while back and thought one day (more likely in December) I could make some cute Christmas cards with it. Well Christmas came early a couple of days ago because I was inspired to create the cards. When I sit down to make a card whether it is summer or winter, I do not stick with the nearest holiday. I design for the holiday "I" am feeling at that point!

On a side note, tomorrow I am heading into the city to see the NY Mets take on the Brewers. This will be my first time in the new 600 million dollar Mets Stadium. From what I have seen and heard the stadium is top notch, from restuarants to entertainment. They even have a sushi bar. What? At a ballpark? I hope the hot dogs are great because sushi and I don't mix! "If it ain't cooked, it ain't for me"! HE HE!

Below I have attached my new cards. Quick question, if the new stadium is called Citi Field because the Citi Group owns it, then do we as taxpayers own a seat since we bailed Citi Group out? Just wondering!


Heather P. said...

LOL, I'm with you... Sushi and I aren't best buds either! :)

Your cards are SO cute... Love the snowflakes and buttons on the bows, it really pops!

Have fun at the game!!

Terry said...

Heee girl there you are with again an stunning card....I like it a lot thanks for sharing it with us.....Way to go girl.....hugs terry

Anonymous said...

Brandi these are gorgeous! I LOOOOVE non-traditional Christmas cards. They stand out so much! You've done a wonderful job with the colors! And sushi is just so wrong for baseball! lol! I'm all for a nice frank and bun!

Take lots of pictures!!!

Yaneri - ScrapyCrafter- said...

Very cute chic! Colors are awesome! Did you say sushi? -eyes popping out over here! I lalalaloooove sushi!!

Hey! Have you checked out my new web blog! I have videos on them now! So excited!

Ann said...

Love these colors together!