I have been absent recently from my craft room but will be back shortly. My family came up from Arkansas for a week and we had a blast, visiting scrapbook stores galore and going to see "The Knowing". Really great movie but the ending was unexpected. While my mom was up, she helped me get my craft room up to date. I have a place for everything, baskets galore, peg board and ribbon storage. I officially have a "craft sanctuary". I will attach photos later on this week, just need to tidy up a few loose ends.

On a side note I just got through watching "Twilight". I never could understand what the big deal was about the series, but man am I hooked! I am going out to Borders tomorrow to buy "Twilight" the book!

Last but not least how hot is Robert Pattinson? Anyone? Brad Pitt move over!


ScrapyCrafter said...

So glad u r doing well! I was wondering where u went!....lol!
Cant wait 2 C UR stamping room....how cool! Yeah! I haven't been doing anything crafting either, been so super busy with work at the hospital that I'm so so tired that my mind isn't in creative mode. I'm off for 2 days so hopefully my creative mojo comes back.
I haven't seen Twilight the move, but I know a lot of people talking about it. Will for sure check it out.
Take care and blog to ya later!

Hugs Brandi!
Yaneri ;o)

Heather P. said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I've been organizing my craft room, but it seems like it's never.going.to.stop. LOL

Mandy said...

I was just starting to wonder what was happening with you. Glad to hear that you are having a great visit! I love it when parents visit and they take it upon themselves to help you "straighten up". Enjoy the rest of your visit and check this out when you get a chance.


- Mandy