Trick or Treat!!!

A few weeks ago I took a visit to Arkansas to visit the folks'. My mom and 'G' decided to throw a Halloween Costume Party. We had the best time. There were games, margaritas (which are served year round down south) and a costume contest. Which my brother and I won! (I promise it was not rigged!) I have attached a few pics to capture the event. My mom and "G" dressed up as a "roaring 20's" couple. (Got to love the flappers!) My brother in the lime green suit with zebra accent was a PIMP! (Check out the "BLING" around his neck.) I went as a red headed Go-Go dancer. It has been confirmed that I may not have "Rocked" the wig but I definitely "Rocked" the glasses. I even have a First Place Female Costume Winner Pumpkin Trophy to prove it! On a side note, my husband and I had a pumpkin carving contest and I had to show you the pics. Note to self: If you carve a pumpkin two weeks before Halloween it will not last!!!

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