Thanks Bunches...

Good evening to ya! I was so happy to get into my studio tonight and craft my little heart out to American Idol. Since the hubby doesn't care to much for the singing competition shows, we spend the evening in separate rooms. This lets me get my craft on while he either watches Survivor or plays some video games. Yes, I have a thirty something hubby who still plays Playstation 3. LOL!

This particular card is for my good friend Kasia. Why, you say? Because she made my day last week when she gave me the "Cherry On Top" blogger award. So I wanted to say "Thanks bunches"!

So to follow up on the requirements:

1. Thank the person who gave it to you. - Thanks Kasia
2. Post this award on your blog. - Done
3. List 3 things that you love about yourself. - My ability to carry on a conversation with a stranger, tend to make people laugh (not sure if they are laughing with me or at me, but either way it works for me), great car dancer!
4. Post a picture that you love. - I love this pic of my mom and I. It is just so natural, us doing what we do best!

5. Tag 5 people to receive this award. -  XiumaiyukiJen , Judith ,  Lotte , and Jenny.
Thanks for stopping by!


kasia c. said...

Brandi you are truly the best! I have a feeling MOST are laughing with you. ;)
That is an absolutely FABULOUS pic of you and your mom! It tells a great deal about both of you.
And you definately need to get that car dancing on video!! I will not lie, I don't car dance but if a good song comes on I will sing my heart out.
The award is well deserved, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

kasia c. said...

p.s. did you see PTI sneak peak #3? I think that gaming controller may come in handy! ;)

xiumaiyuki said...

First off, love this oh so adorable card! I've been eyeing this set and seeing your card just makes me want it even more. Maybe in the next order.

Secondly, I love AI as well! who's your fav? mine are Casey & Pia.

Our husbands must be related. I can't get mine to stop playing on his PS3 (Black Ops especially!) sheeshh... good thing we do not have kids (yet).

Lastly, congrats on the fabulous award. And thank you so much for passing it on to me. That's such a sweet pix of you and your mom. You both look so pretty in it. :o)

Jay Gee said...

What a fun card Brandi, love your layout. Thanks for the award :) Hugs Judith.

Jen W. said...

I've been trying so hard to resist these Paper Smooches stamps but this card is the final straw - I'm gonna have to make a purchase! LOL! This is too cute and an awesome thank you card.
And thank YOU for my Cherry on Top award! :)

~amy~ said...

i love your card...bunches:) I ADORE that pic...I hope you have it up and framed...it's magnificent.

Lindsay said...

This is adorable Brandi! Love those cutie veggies!

Karen B. said...

Great picture of you gals! I have a husband who still plays Playstation 3 as well. And your card, well your card is great! Love the colors.

lotte chew said...

this is such an adorable card!!! love the photo you took with your mom. that's so happy :) thanks for choosing me for the award~!

Amy said...

Hi Brandi! I love what you did with this PS set!

I love American Idol too! Can't go without watching it.....we've even been to 2 Idol concerts!

~Tammy~ said...

Brandi, this is so adorable and the pic of you and your Mom is awesome! Wonderful memories~

Jessica said...

What a cute card!! Love all those happy veggies :)