Purple People Eater.....

Ha Ha!

Funny title right? I didn't know what else to go with and all I could think of when I saw this card was "One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eaters"! What a weird song huh? Wonder what those people were smoking when they came up with those lyrics. Only joking!

Anywho it has been a long day at our house. I worked a full day at the office then had to come home to a Wii Mario Brothers competition with the hubby! I tell you it is the one video game I actually enjoy playing because I use to have it on the original Nintendo as a kid. The hubby, however, is a huge kid at heart. He loves to play video games when he gets a chance. I don't mind because it gives me time to do other things like make cards or read.

At the moment I am reading "The Help". Have any of you read it yet? I had to take a break from the "Twilight" series. I read the first three books but when you start talking to you friend about which team you are on (Edward or Jacob), it is time to read something else! I will eventually get back to the fourth book of the series when I get my sanity back. By the way if your wondering, I am TEAM JACOB! :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!



Karen B. said...

Cute card, you really made all the different shades of purple work well together, something I find difficult to do! When we were visiting my folks this winter, my dad found THE original Nintendo system from when I was growing up and we took it back with us. My husband and I enjoy our competitions on this as well, but for some reason I'm not as good as I used to be. (oh, and to answer your question on my blog-wasn't sure if it was hypothetical or not-I just tucked some of the card edges into the peeling bark!)

Courtney Baker said...

Team Jacob? ;) I'm on the other team! Super cute girl!