10 things that make me happy...

Hey y'all,

I received this cute award from my new found friend Jocelyn. Thank you!

I am supposed to list 10 things that make me Happy and then pass this along to a few other bloggers that make me happy:

1. Hanging with my hubby and puppies by the fire on a Sunday afternoon.
2. Going to the movies on the weekend to see a great movie over popcorn.
3. Disney World
4. Christmas spirit, music and decorations all around this time of year.
5. Snow
6. Having time to read and make cards.
7. Going to the Spa and to see Wicked with my best friend on Wednesday.
8. Looking at my blog and seeing comments from my blog buddies.
9. Hanging out with my girlfriends in Dallas, Texas.
10. Visiting my family in Arkansas.

Below are a few bloggers that make me happy:
Mandy , Kadee, Cath and Ashley

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