Friend to Friend...

Hey y'all,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had my share of turkey and mashed potatoes to last me another year! The day after, the hubby and I put up our Christmas tree and all of the trimmings! A Christmas tree with white lights sure can make a home cozy! Don't you think? All I need to do now is finish a little shopping and I am good to go. I did not venture out for the biggest shopping day of the year! I would not be able to deal with the chaos, much rather internet shop! It is faster and I can do it in my jogging suit!

Below I attached a card I did for the latest Embellish challenge. Problem #1, I did not enter it on time. Problem #2, I forgot to use the main embellish, BRADS! Duh! Oh well I'll get it right next time.



Daniela Hendea {PurpleD} said...

You combined the colors beautifully! Love those pom-poms! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your card is all sorts of cuteness girly! :-) Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! :-) OMG Did you watch the Saints play- I mean WOOP the Pats??? Woo hoo!!!