Color Inspiration Challenge #52

Wow! Second post for the day (on a roll)! I just could not let the week go by and not participate in Kristina's Color Challenge. I have been M.I.A. for a while on vacation in Disney World. (Pictures to come at a later date!) I have been anxious to get back into the crafting groove. I hope you like my interpretation of the challenge. I promise that I used turquoise but the blue looks darker in the photos.


Winter said...

So cute! Love that flower!

Leonie said...

Your submission is gorgeous! So cute, thanks for you comment on my blog, addicted to Twlight would be a better description! lol! I have read all 4 books and I havejust read the first 3 again and about half way through the 4th. I love New Moon, I think it's my fav, happy reading! Always fun to find another fan! I have just tried to convert my sister in law but she just doesnt get it! And even our netball team has changed our name to Team Edward! I think we are just a little bit sad but oh well! You have to laugh! Have a great day!