Top 10 Favorite Blog Award...

I received this super sweet award from Terry (http://cardscreativity.blogspot.com/). Thank you so much! I wanted to pay it forward with a few of my favorite blog sites I like to visit.

Top 10 favorite blogs (in no particular order):


Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

That's really sweet, Brandi, thanks!

Mary said...

Wow, I am honored. Thank you!

Terry said...

HI Brandi you are very welcome girl.....It's from the heart and because you make such nice and wonderfull cards....hugs terry

ScrapyCrafter said...

OMGosh! Brandi!! From the bottom of my heart....THANK U! I'm so touched and happy! My 1st blog award!.....how awesome! You too as well deserve this award! I love your blog too!!!
Just one question?.....Will you be posting more pics of Shea? So so CUTE!!!

Hugs Brandi!

Mandy said...

Thanks Brandi! That's so sweet and funny too - I meant to let you know a few days ago that I gave you this award too. I got side tracked with the kiddies and never got back to it. So - check it out on my blog too!


Take care and have a great weekend!
- Mandy

Kelly Jo said...

Brandi- you are so sweet! Thank you so much for putting me on this list. This is soooo weird because I just added you to my google reader because I admire your work as well!

Thanks again. I appreciate anybody that visits my blog!!

ScrapyCrafter said...

Hey Brandi! I left you a little Thank U note on my side bar for this award!

Happy Monday to ya'!