Love Is In The Air...

Alright, these are the last two Valentine's Day cards I made using the Valentine's Day Postal Stamp Designer Paper. The day is almost here, 12 days away, until I will indulge myself with chocolate! (Who am I kidding? I do that everyday!) Hopefully the hubby remembers! If I could have anything on that important day, I would love to have Godiva chocolate covered strawberries! YUM! Although they are about five dollars a piece, they are worth it!


ScrapyCrafter said...

So cute Brandi! Your so creative! I put you in my fave blogs! :o)
Oh! yeah! Godiva Chocolate Strawberries! They are sooooo good! I had some on the Cruise Brandi. Not only did i have one, i must of had about (so embarrassed to say) about 8 of them. They had dark, regualr, white (my fave), sprinkled, hazelnut, a huge assortment. I had them with my Riesling wine.....it was soooooo good......not kidding Brandi!

Jessica Morelli said...

Your cards are beautiful I love all the small details, they don't go unnoticed. Great job!