60th Birthday

I made this card for my Father-in-laws 60th birthday! He loved it, but I tell you what, I find it very difficult to make cards for men. The first thing I did was go through my stash of paper to find something "manly"! Is it just me or is most scrapbook supplies and embellishments geared toward women?


Odette said...

Hey Brandi,
this card is just so "manly" i think you found the perfect paper for his card.
I love it!

ScrapyCrafter said...

Yeah! I have the same problem! I have no problem making baby boy or boy's birthday cards BUT making a card for a man.....yeah! I have trouble there too! But chic, you did a great job on this one!! Came out great!!

Awesome job Brandi!

Terry said...

He there Brandi, just a wonderfull card and just perfect for a man...very nice colours tooo girl....
I don't have a problem with making a card for a man, but it is more difficult then when you are making a card for a girl...
hugs terry